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At TargImmune, our mission is to transform survival for patients.

We are dedicated to transforming survival for patients, and all those whose lives they touch. We will achieve this through our portfolio of oncology compounds and by unlocking the nucleic acids frontier with our groundbreaking modular, synthetic, targeted platform technology.

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Our novel targeted nucleic acid delivery platform is the first in a new class known as targeted apoptosis and immune modulators (TAIMs), utilizing synthetic nanoparticles to deliver interchangeable nucleic acid therapeutics directly on target.

Cancer cells

This new technology has the potential to open new treatment frontiers across multiple therapy areas.

Uniquely, our platform is able both to act as a vehicle to overcome the challenges seen with existing nucleic acid therapeutics, and in conjunction with our own dsRNA technology to selectively destroy cancer cells by mimicking the natural processes of viral infection and antiviral defence responses.