Our Platform

Our Approach

TargImmune’s proprietary, first-in-class targeted nucleic acid delivery platform uses a synthetic nanoparticle to systemically deliver interchangeable nucleic acid therapeutics directly on target. This unique technology and innovative therapeutic approach have the potential to transform survival for patients, whether used alone or in combination with existing treatments.

Fighting Cancer

Our initial focus has been on addressing current unmet needs in cancer.

Despite significant advances in cancer treatments over the past decades, there are still gaps across classes of anti-cancer therapies. Whether they’re driving resistance, lack efficacy against ‘cold’ tumours, fail to deal with heterogeneous tumours, or show efficacy in only small patient populations, cancer patients could benefit from a new approach.

TargImmune’s therapeutics are the first in a new class - known as targeted apoptosis and immune modulators (TAIMs) - that addresses these limitations.

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Our Platform

Our lead Targeted Apoptosis and Immune Modulator (TAIM) therapy, TAR001, utilises our platform to deliver double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) directly to targeted cancer cells. Mimicking the natural processes of viral infection and antiviral defence responses, TAR001 drives a potent combination of apoptosis (cell death) and immune modulation to destroy cancer cells.

As our platform allows for systemic delivery of TAIMs, TAR001 has been shown to target both primary and metastatic heterogeneous tumour cells, including distant metastases, which are the leading cause of cancer death.

Cancer and Beyond

Our platform has also been shown to successfully deliver nucleic acids beyond dsRNA. This gives us the potential to overcome the challenges associated with the use of existing nucleic acid therapeutics, and opens up the possibility of a paradigm shift in patient outcomes across new treatment frontiers and multiple therapy areas.

Our Focus

The TargImmune team are focused on transforming survival for patients.

Our proprietary, first-in-class targeted nucleic acid delivery platform is currently being developed for multiple solid tumour indications, including:

We believe this approach will have the potential to transform outcomes for tens of thousands of patients each year.

We also believe that by unlocking the capabilities of nucleic acid treatments across therapy areas, we can support a step change in treatment outcomes across a wide variety of disease areas. The potential impact of these new therapies is already being seen, and we look forward to the chance to play our part in helping improve the lives of a wide variety of patients worldwide.