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Basel, Switzerland, 07/06/2022

Learn more about how TargImmune are TAIMing cancer by harnessing the body’s antiviral defences in Nature Biopharma Dealmakers here

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TargImmune Therapeutics AG Peter Braun, CEO

About TargImmune Therapeutics AG

TargImmune Therapeutics AG is a privately owned Swiss-based biotechnology company based in Basel and founded in 2016.

TargImmune is dedicated to significantly improving the survival of cancer patients by developing novel targeted anti-cancer therapeutics which provide a multi-pronged approach against solid tumours.

The company’s novel Ta:RNA™ platform harnesses the body’s own immune system and powerful antiviral defence responses to selectively target and destroy cancer cells. Its immunomodulating therapeutics are designed to be delivered systemically, allowing them to reach distant metastases, which are the leading cause of cancer death.

About Ta:RNA™

Ta:RNA™ is TargImmune’s proprietary, first-in-class platform and is the only targeted nanoparticle to deliver Poly-IC, a synthetic double-stranded RNA, to cancer cells. The Ta:RNA™ platform targets solid tumours through their over-expression of a specific receptor. By replacing only the targeting moiety, Ta:RNA™ can target different receptors and address a range of different solid tumours.

Mimicking the natural processes of viral infection and antiviral defence responses, Ta:RNA™ drives a potent combination of apoptosis (cell death) and immune modulation to target both primary and metastatic heterogeneous tumour cells. TargImmune’s therapeutics are the first in a new class known as targeted apoptosis and immune modulators (TAIMs).

This unique technology and innovative therapeutic approach have the potential to transform outcomes for cancer patients, whether used alone or in combination with existing treatments.

About TAR001

TargImmune’s lead drug candidate, TAR001, targets epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR). EGFR overexpression is prevalent in a significant proportion of solid cancers and is often associated with more aggressive disease. The company is on track to file an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) / Clinical Trial Application (CTA) in the near future with subsequent entry into man. As TargImmune’s lead targeted apoptosis and immune modulator (TAIM) therapy, TAR001 has the potential to be applied to a wide range of cancers and change the lives of a large number of cancer patients.

The company’s second Ta:RNA-based portfolio compound , TAR002, is in pre-clinical development.

For more information, please visit www.targimmune.com