Our Team

At TargImmune, our commitment to improving the survival of cancer patients drives everything we do.

Together, we believe our wealth of experience and scientific expertise will allow us to deliver on the promise of our novel Ta:RNA™ platform, helping to transform outcomes for cancer patients everywhere.


Peter Braun

Chief Executive Officer

Christoph Rentsch

CFO, Member of the Board

Dr. Veronica Hersberger

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Esteban Pombo-Villar, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Maya Zigler, PhD

Head of Research

Marc Thommen

Head of Technical Development

Dr. Frank Hennecke

Head of CMC

Catherine Ammann

Chief People Officer

Bruno Heynen

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Dr. Kuno Sommer, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Peter Kash, EdD, MBA

Vice Chairman, Co-founder

Prof. Alex Levitzki, PhD

Board Member, Co- Founder/Co-Inventor

Paolo Fundarò

Board Member

Christoph Rentsch

Executive Director, Board Member